Best wifi hack app for iphone and Android 2017

    Best wifi hack app for iphone and Android 2017

    Best wifi hack app for iPhone and Android 2017

    Hi hackers tonight I want to share the latest tricks on how to break into wifi using iPhone, For you lovers of the world of hackers must always want to get information about the latest applications or tools used to break the wifi, Especially for you who use iPhone today I have some apps that you should try following its app list.

    #1. Wifiaudit for iPhone

    In the screenshot above you have a few apps for iPhone with which you can check your wifi keys, one of the iOS applications that I have tried is Wifiaudit.

    Both in iPhone, Ipad and Ipod applications of this type last little in the Apple Store, due to the misuse that many people do, it is sad but instead of using these apps to check their own wifi network, they use them to hack Wifi.

    #2. PenetratePRO Best wifi hack app for iPhone

    This is one of the most famous applications for auditing wifi and priority is one of the best works. I have seen it in several forums, although to this day I have not yet been able to prove it. I understand that some hacking uses it to hack wifi and break wifi keys.

    #3. Routerpwn - wifi keys

    It is one of the programs to decrypt wifi keys that I use the least, it is one of the many applications to audit Wi-Fi networks that you can find in the market, that really does not work very well (I have not found much information about it) of the times I tried it was able to correctly tell me the key of a wifi from a client of  Santiago de Chile .

    #4. WPA Tester - Password Wifi

    This app works in a similar way to the rest being able to decrypt the default keys of some of the most commercial routers on the market even on Ono routers, or at least this is what its creators say, although to me it has not worked for me the Ono network of  my office since I have a strong password and a SSID that is not the factory, apart from a WPA2 security.

    #5. Turbo Wifi For Claro routers

    If you have a Claro Router and want to get the WIFI key to recover your password or check the security of your network, it is a good app. Turbo Wifi is the best app to get these Wifi keys. This App takes advantage of a security vulnerability that the Claro routers have when generating the default wifi key. Can a hacker hack a Claro Wi-Fi network with this app? If you use the default password provided by your router, it is very possible that it is.

    The best?. If you have a clear Router change the default password and you remove problems.

    You will not be able to get all the keys but if your router has a WEP key and a SSID TURBONET_XXXXX it will be totally vulnerable (Fix it!). So the best thing you can do to avoid hacking this router is to put a WPA2 key with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. As you see with a simple Android application, anyone can get the Wifi passwords of your router Claro.
    Wireless Cracker

    The name of this app in Spanish means " Cracker Wifi " This app is another one that must be installed to check the security of your wifi network as its name indicates is one of the most used by bad people to hack wifi.

    Wireless Cracker allows you to decrypt the key of many types of networks: Bbox-XXXXXX, DMAXYYYYYY, Discus-XXXXXX, INFINITUMXXXXXX, SpeedTouchXXXXXX, ThomsonXXXXXX and Orange-XXXXXX.

    #6. Pulwifi

    Unlike Wifi Pass, Paul Wifi is one of the applications that most wifi passwords have in its database.

    Like WifiPass decrypts JAZZTEL_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX networks and WLANXXXXXX, YACOMXXXXXX, WIFIXXXXXX, some types that use the default D-Link routers as well as some of the Huawei models.

    What have you learned at the moment? I hope you have realized that you must change the SSID of your Wi-Fi network as soon as possible. You're going to avoid a possible hack from Android almost surely.

    #7. AndroDumpper (the most used to hack wifi)

    This is the best app that exists, and the most used to hack wifi, is fairly new and works really well (much better than the rest), is different from the rest of the list, because like some of the programs that are in Wifislax, also takes advantage of the vulnerability that has the WPS protocol. Basically, it is used to check if you have any security problem in your wifi network due to the WPS protocol.

    #8. WIFI WPS WPA TESTER - Piratear wifi

    It is one of the last applications to audit Wifi that just appeared in the Play Store, more than 52,000 people have rated it 5 stars. It will be for something, will not it ?.
    A few lines above I wrote that each time this type of applications are less effective, although Wifi WPS WPA Tester is very effective for a simple reason, you need root permissions to decode the router WPS key algorithm.
    It is not a simple application that has in its interior a database with the default wifi keys that the routers bring, that if it includes this database, but also it is able to find out the WPS keys whenever the router has activated the WPS. If this is your case, deactivate the WPS  of your router.
    The WPS pin is calculated using several algorithms:

    #9. Router Keygen

    For the tests that I have been able to do, Router Keygen is able to tell you the wifi password of a wifi network if the SSID and the password that the default router brings has not been modified and only with some Router models.

    It is a very popular application, there are many people looking on the internet or Google Play "hacking a wifi from Android" and is the first application that appears, so much eye with having the default password that the router brings.

    #10. Wlan Audit

    This audit tool is different from Router Keygen.

    Wlan Audit lets you know the Mac of the Router and the security type of it. It also shows us the signal from the wifi. It is a lesser known application because hackers cannot do much since neither decrypts wifi keys nor unlock wifi passwords.

    This application is very useful to check the coverage of your house, check all the corners and can make the decision to acquire an access point, a wifi amplifier or even a PLC to reinforce the signal for example in the garage or the attic.

    #11. HHG5XX WEP Scanner

    This is an application to check the security of the Huawei brand routers, specifically the HHG5XX models.

    The application is able to decrypt all the passwords that Huawei puts in the factory to these Routers. The App is able to do this thanks to the Huawei mac2wepkey algorithm.

    If you have this router, which is quite common, it is not necessary to have this App installed to check the security of your wifi key in Android.

    #12. Wifi Pass

    Wifi Pass is one of the applications to audit the wifi in Android that is used in the networks of type JAZZTEL_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX among others. This wifi key decoder is able to give you the wifi password instantly if your SSID is in your database and you have not changed the default pass that the router brings you can start to modify your settings!

    #13. PenetratePRO

    This is one of the most famous applications for auditing wifi and priority is one of the best works. I have seen it in several forums, although to this day I have not yet been able to prove it. I understand that some hacking uses it to hack wifi and break wifi keys.

    #14. Wifi recover password

    This is a very good app to recover your wifi keys if you have forgotten it, and also one of the least known. It's called: " Wifi recover password "

    This application of Wifi Passwords has something very particular, which is that it includes a dictionary with all the default keys of a lot of routers, this dictionary forces you to install it on the sd memory card (occupies 66 Mb), the only catch is that if you do not have memory card you will not be able to install the dictionary, although it is solved if you have internet on the mobile, since the app can access the dictionary online, a good option to check if you can hack your network wifi easily or if you should change the key for a more robust one.

    This option must be activated in settings.

    The dictionary has the keys of the most common routers models that the operators give and some more.

    The only models that made missing are the TP-LINK, but hey, it was not going to be perfect.

    The interface of the application is very similar to the rest, nothing new that deserves to stand out.

    Sure you find many networks that still have the default wifi keys working, so it is so important that you change the wifi password that your router brings by default.