"Almost full storage space" How to recover that space on your iPhone

    How to recover that space on your iPhone

    How to recover that space on your iPhone

    I think this is one of the most mortifying ads to iPhone users when it comes to managing something on their computers. The error when there is almost no space, that does not let you install anything else, nor take photos, videos or update your iPhone from one version to another. This often happens a lot to people with 8GB or 16GB equipment, which is the least storage equipment in Apple's product portfolio. At least PhoneExpander gives us a solution since Apple does not offer any except to remove the content either by transferring this to the computer or erasing the same computer.
    How to recover that space on your iPhone 2017

    PhoneExpander is an application that has just come out in the open in its first beta. This application that is currently available only for Mac, promises to help users to rescue that lost space that is usually marked "Other or Other" in the memory consumption report in iTunes or the same iPhone. As mentioned, Apple does not give options to rescue that space, space that is normally occupied by the cache of many applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar that handle a lot of multimedia.

    The good thing about PhoneExpander is that it not only allows you to remove temporary files (Cache) from applications, it also allows you to save photos, videos and manage other areas of your computer. So, if you want to give this application a try, you can do it by downloading it from here.

    It should be noted that it is a limited beta version and may malfunction at any time. At least the function of removing temporary data is super useful and should not because it fails. However, the function of removing the music, for example, is not yet ready for the masses. Be careful with this one, remember that you can remove the individual songs by means of the application of music from your iPhone.

    It is said that a version of Windows is already under development but not yet ready.