How to hack wifi using wibr (wifi brute force) 2017

    How to hack wifi using wibr (wifi brute force) 2017

    How to hack Wi-Fi using your Android device

    I think that many of us often tried to find passwords for other people's Wi-Fi networks, and in 98% of cases, it did not carry any success, now your Android device will do it for you.

    So, before us is a program called WIBR + . ( Download )

    The program works by selecting passwords for Wi-Fi networks.
    Initially, the application was created to test the security of Wi-Fi networks.

    The program has 2 modes of hacking:

    #1. Bruteforce - Your customized key generator.
    #2. Dictionary - A dictionary with pre-installed keys.

    Bruteforce ( Brut-Force attack ) - You have the option to select the alphabet and the length of the password, and then the application will try all combinations of characters in the alphabet. The application supports a custom alphabet and a mask.

    If you know that the password starts with " root " and several digits, you can set the " root [x] [x] " mask and select the alphabet of the digits. The application will try all passwords like: " root00 ", " root01 " and up to " root99 "!

    A Dictionary ( Dictionary ) - Use passwords from a predefined (by you) list, one after the other. For example, if someone has set the password "12345678" or "password", the program will show data about it.

    The developer warns:

    • Hacking someone else's network is illegal !
    • Approximate speed of the program is 8 keys / minute .
    • WIBR will change the password for the selected network. This means that your device will try to connect to the Wi-Fi point with the password on which WIBR stopped.

    How to use WIBR + WIfi BRuteforce hack

    #1.2 Download, install.

    #2.2 We go to WIBR and click Add Network. (Add network)

    #3.2 A list of Wi-Fi networks is opened, and we are looking for that network whose signal is better (Signal strenght). Click on it.

    #4.2 Next, put the checkmarks where necessary.

    Additional Information:
    Add Сustom Dictionary - Add your dictionary.
    Configure Bruteforce - Configure brute-force attack.

    #5.2 Click Add to Queue .

    #6.2 Done, the program began selecting passwords, now just wait (Time depends on the size of the dictionary).