Decode WiFi keys on Android

    Decode WiFi keys on Android
    Who would not want to learn how to decrypt WiFi keys ? This is something that also applies to Internet connections. We have long been able to enjoy a connection without the need to use cables, which is known as Wifi. The advantages of using a Wi-Fi connection are many, such as not having to do extra installation, being able to move freely through our house with a connected device and even remain connected with walls between our computer and the router . It also has another advantage, but for those who do not want to pay for the connection: you can decrypt WiFi keys  from our neighbors to connect to the internet without paying.

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    In this article we will talk about everything related to decrypting Wifi keys using an Android device . But before I start I would like to make a call to Fair Play and sanity: if we decipher the password of a neighbor who is paying for their connection, what I do not think is an option is to get us to download heavy content that will decrease your connection. One thing is to be able to consult Facebook, look at a couple of web pages or send an email and another very different is to download a DVD from Ubuntu, for example. In other words, if we steal the neighbor's Wi-Fi, do not notice it and can use it at 99.99%.

    Can you decode Wifi keys on Android?

    Yes, you can find the WiFi password . Especially if the wireless network that we try to decrypt has WEP encryption. It is an encryption that is almost never used, but it is still possible to find a network in WEP that will make our task much easier. We can get a WEP key by brute force and it will only be a matter of time before we can get it.

    Now, if the network has WPA encryption , the thing is more complicated. To decrypt a WPA key you need what is known as a "Handshake" and that is not so easy. What you can do easily is to get a WPA key that has not been modified. The theory is very simple: if the "Morrotel company" offers "Wifitel" brand routers , the keys will always be the same, but not all the routers will have the same. I mean there will be for example 1,000 routers' "Wifitel" keys that will use "Morrotel". There are some applications that have these keys stored and can do this type of brute force using the available dictionaries. Other applications can get much more.

    Apps to decrypt free wifi keys on Android

    How to decrypt WiFi WEP keys with bcmon

    The one that works best is bcmon . It can be downloaded from HERE (download under your own responsibility) and is a very interesting tool with which we can decrypt Wifi keys.

    Here's how to find WiFi password with this app, but you have to know that not all devices are compatible.

    #1.We need to rootear a compatible device that has the Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 Wifi chipset, such as the Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Y, Nexus One, Desire HD, Micromax A67. The best way to do this would be to install the Cyanogen ROM.

    #2. Download, install and run bcmon. You may need to allow the installation of unofficial applications from the device settings.

    #3. We play in " Run bcmon terminal ", which will open something similar to the Linux Terminal. We write " airodump-ng " (without the quotes) and touch Intro. This will load the required application.

    #4. Then write " airodump-ng wlan0 " and press again on Enter.
    #5. We identify the network that we want to decrypt from the list of access points that we will see. We have to choose one with WEP encryption.

    #5. We point the MAC address of the network that we chose in step 5. We also note the channel in which the network is.

    #6. We started scanning the channel to collect information, something that can last for several hours. We will do this by typing " airodump-ng -c channel # -bssid MAC address -w output ath0 ", where the underline will be the network information chosen in step 5. Press enter and Airodump will start scanning. It is best to let the device do its job, so we leave it quietly plugged into a power outlet. We must collect at least 20,000 packages, but the more we collect, the more likely we will have to decipher the key.

    #7. Once we have the necessary packages, we can begin decrypting the key using the command " aircrack -ng output * .cap " (always without the quotes) and pressing enter.

    #9. If we see the message "Found!", We would already have it. A hexadecimal key will appear. For example, if we see 12: 34: 56: 78: 90, the key will be 1234567890.

    How to decrypt WiFi WPA keys with bcmon + Reaver

    How to decrypt WiFi WPA keys with bcmon + Reaver
    #1.We need to rootear a compatible device that has the Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm 4330 Wifi chipset, such as Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Y, Nexus One, Desire HD, Micromax A67. The best way to do this would be to install the Cyanogen ROM.

    #2. Download, install and run bcmon. You may need to allow the installation of unofficial applications from the device settings.

    #3. Download the .apk from Reaver. It is available in THIS LINK .

    #4. We open Reaver and confirm that we will not use it illegally. Reaver will scan the available access points.

    #5. We play in the network that we want to crack.

    #6. If you ask us to check if it is in monitor mode, let's open bcmon and check it.

    #7. Check that the " Automatic advanced settings " box is checked in the Reaver settings .

    #8. We start the attack by tapping " Start Attack " in the menu underneath Reaver. The monitor will open and we will be able to see the results on a new screen.

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    How to recover Wifi key on Android

    If we want to recover our own Wi-Fi key in Android , we can do it in different ways.

    Apps Router Keygen

    Apps Router Keygen
    The most likely application is Router Keygen . As the name implies, this application is a "key generator for routers". It is true that it does not decrypt keys, but it can give us keys by default of the following routers:

    1. Thomson
    2. SpeedTouch
    3. Orange
    4. Infinitum
    5. BBox
    6. DMax
    7. BigPond
    8. O2Wireless
    9. Otenet
    10. Cyta
    11. DLink (select models only)
    12. Pirelli Discus
    13. Eircom
    14. Verizon FiOS (select models only)
    15. Alice AGPF
    16. FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey
    17. Huawei (some Infinitum)
    18. Wlan_XXXX
    19. Jazztel_XXXX (Comtrend and Zyxel)
    20. Wlan_XX (some models)
    21. Ono (P1XXXXXX0000X)
    22. WlanXXXXXX
    23. YacomXXXXXX
    24. WifiXXXXXX (also known as wlan4xx)
    25. Sky V1,
    26. box v1 and v2 (TECOM)

    Its operation is as simple as looking at the available networks, touching a Supported or Probably Not Supported and trying the keys that offers us.

    Download Router Keygen on Google Play

    Apps WiFi Manager

    Apps WiFi Manager
    Very similar to Router Keygen is Wifi Manager . It also has dictionaries that will allow us to connect to routers that have not changed the default password, but it has a better design than the previous application. In addition, it also offers a kind of map in which we will see where the networks are, which will allow us to connect to the network that offers us better connection.

    Download WiFi Manager on Google Play

    Apps WLANAudit

    Apps WLANAudit
    Another application like the previous two is WLANAudit , which can decrypt the keys as long as they are in WEP. If the network we want to decrypt is WPA will not be able to. The use of this application is very simple: we play in one of the networks that shows us and if you can calculate it, it will. If not, we will see that it says "Impossible to calculate".

    Download WLANAudit

    Retrieving keys stored on our device

    We can also see the keys stored in our device , something we can get with applications like

    Wifi Credentials .
    Wifi Key Recovery (need root) .
    Wifi Key Recovery [ROOT] .
    Wifi Password Recovery [ROOT] .

    Is it legal to use applications to decrypt WiFi keys?

    No. Article 286 of Organic Law 15/2003 states that
    " Shall be punished with imprisonment of six to two years and a fine of six to twenty-four months, who, without the consent of the service provider and for commercial purposes, provides intelligible access to a radio or television broadcast service, to interactive services provided by electronic means, or providing conditional access to them, considered as an independent service, by means of: manufacturing, importing, distributing, making available electronically, selling, renting or possessing any unauthorized computer equipment or software in another Member State of the European Union ... ". In point 4 of the same article he emphasizes "whoever uses equipment or programs that allow unauthorized access to conditional access services or telecommunication equipment, shall be subject to the penalty provided for in Article 255 ... ".

    In short, it is not legal and, as expected, punishment will be greater for those who offer a service to crack down on for-profit passwords, who can be punished with up to two years in prison. This means that he would not go in if he pays a bail, since the minimum for safe entry is two years and one day, but he would give his bones in jail if he has a criminal record.

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    Having said all this, it is always best to use each our own Wifi and forget about problems that can be triggered by learning how to decipher WiFi keys. Although it is also true that other users could steal our connection. If we want our key to be safe , it is best to do the following:

    #1.Change the default password for another.
    #2. If you use WEP encryption, we change to WPA. If possible, to WPA2.
    #3. Hide our network. In theory, this will prevent programs from viewing the network and, if they can not see it, they will not be able to initiate an attack. To connect our own devices we will have to put the name of our network (with capital letters and the same case), the type of network and our key.

    Have you managed to recover your Wifi key or learned how to decipher  unknown WiFi keys ?