10 powerful reasons to do ROOT on your phone

    10 powerful reasons to do ROOT on your phone

    10 powerful reasons to do ROOT on your phone

    We are less and less the ones that go through the ROOT to access certain special functions. The fact of installing a custom ROM may have different reasons, but many were forced to opt for the latest version of Android or because the manufacturer's layer did not get the performance one expected from a phone. Luckily the times have changed and now most of the layers work quite well.

    But, if you find yourself in the event that you do not really know why you have to perform ROOT on your terminal, then you will find 10 great reasons to get access to the system files and thus increase productivity or functionality to your phone. These are 10 apps that will allow you to reduce battery consumption, recover a deleted file or add some pretty eye-catching features.

    Apps Undeleter

    If you have found that you have deleted a photo that you did not want to lose, it is not all lost. The Undeleter app allows you to recover deleted files, although chances are greater if the file was recently deleted and you have not rebooted the terminal since then.

    Apps AFwall +

    Marshmallow has a new system of permissions but does not allow to close the step that an app can accede to the Internet. AFWall + lets you choose which apps can access Wi-Fi, local network or mobile data. You can even create different profiles to switch between different accesses that can be given to various applications.

    Social Contact Photo Sync

    Sometimes it is quite painful having to be managing the photos of the contacts. With Social Contact Photo Sync you can automatically download profile photos from a wide variety of social networks to attach them to the associated contact card on your device.


    Android displays the icons and texts to a certain scale, but by having ROOT you can access to change the DPI of the terminal in a few steps. This will achieve obvious visual changes and how the text and icons will be displayed on the system

    Apps Greenify

    An app to save battery and hibernate apps that are not using so that they do not misuse the system resources when they are in the background. Some of Greenify's best features are available with ROOT, while others are not required.

    It has a new "Aggressive Doze" mode for Marshmallow devices that can be activated when using the ROOT instead of having to go through ADB. It also has another option called "Shallow Hibernation" which is characterized by opening the Hibernate apps in a faster way.

    Emoji Switcher

    If you prefer iOS emojis or another system, Emoji Switcher allows you to switch between the most popular. A handy app if you get messages from friends who use their iPhones and find that there are some characters that are not drawn. It even allows you to upgrade to Unicode 8.0 emojis.

    Wakelock Detector

    One of the main causes for the battery consumption in Android is the wake locks. If you have an app like Wakelock Detector we can identify which are the apps that "wake" the device even when in sleep mode and uninstall them if we see that they are part of the problem.

    CF. Lumen

    With the night mode included in Android N, this app is taking more consonance so that reading or viewing our screen at certain times of the day is less tiring. This app automatically reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the device as the sun goes down in the day.

    Online Nandroid Backup

    If you have a custom recovery installed on your terminal, you will know the importance of creating NANDroid copies periodically. What happens is that it is quite cumbersome to start the phone in recovery mode and wait 10 minutes while the backup is launched, so Online Nandroid Backup becomes a great app.

    You can create copies of NANDroid without having to be dealing with recovery very easily.

    Titanium Backup

    This is the app par excellence for all users who have their phone with ROOT. It allows you to make complete backups of all your data and apps and even has the option to remove the applications called "bloatware".

    There is a copying system in Android 6.0 but while it has to mature, the use of Titanium Backup is essential for many users who finally access the ROOT By this app.